NOWLOG – Ireland

NOWLOG - Ireland


nowlog provide businesses with a solution to record the temperatures of their products in real time. Battery powered wireless temperature sensors are connected to the internet to track and trace products at any point in a supply chain. Any temperature outage such as refrigeration failure is communicated to the business owner immediately allowing corrective actions to avoid product spoilage and subsequent loss. A simple to install hardware kit that works straight out of the box is provided and the system is up and running in minutes. This novel approach makes the solution very cost effective. For cities, nowlog produce a Food Safety Data Kit used by Environmental Health Officers for site inspections. In all EU countries food premises must be checked every 1 -5 years. The Kit makes inspections quicker and reporting more accurate.


nowlog has commenced trading after a four year product development phase. Founder Dr. David Gray has 15 years of experience in the IOT for Food Safety business. The products are market disruptive on both price and functionality. The go to market strategy is B2B and targets market leaders in the food safety and healthcare compliance sectors who wish to increase their profitability. Products are initially supplied directly. For higher volumes OEMs can buy manufacturing licenses or royalty agreements to secure their supply lines.



Dr. David Gray C.E.O.
William Morrow C.T.O.
Gvidas Karkbauskas Embedded Software Engineering
Angelo Pinulan Apps Development
Maria Olaran C.F.O