MUV-App – Italy

MUV-App - Italy


Our idea is based on the concept of MaaS for public administration. We have derived the governance model of the MaaS systems to provide innovative tools for the management of the mobility system. Looking for a clear mobility view, we developed MUV App. Four are the main areas of action, fragmentation and complexity, poor quality of user experience, lack of attention for user in terms of engagement and empowering, need of effective tools to support green mobility policies. Throughout the mobile and web channels, services are delivered to mobility users and public administrations. The product architecture is divided in two main sectors, for the users and for the officers, based on three modules: City-Glance; CityLoop, City-Zen and City-Green.


Phoops is an IT company in Florence since 2008 that gained significant experience in ITS services for the public administration up to the creation of its own start-up MUV-App. In 2015 the start-up was financed by the FIWARE “frontierCities” and new projects have been launched, like the platform “Muoversi in Toscana”. In the last 5 years phoops dedicated its resources to design and develop MVP RTD. Phoops team is also involved in the development of apps for private customers and business platform based on open source technology.


Filippo Severi, Founder and CEO
Massimo Mangoni, CTO
Alessandro Meiattini, Senior mobile and back-end developer
Alessio Antonielli, Data Analyst and backend developer
Riccardo Salucco, UX Designer and Frontend Developer
Francesca De Marco, Business Analyst