Madrid reopens public bike hire

Madrid reopens public bike hire

Madrid has announced the re-opening of its public bike hire scheme after a closure of more than one month.

Madrid City Council reopened the BiciMAD on April 22. The Madrid Municipal Transport Company (EMT), which manages the service, had closed the network of stations and removed all bicycles from public roads in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

However, after evaluating the situation and implementing safety measures, the City Council has decided to reopen the service due to the vital role of cycling as an alternative to public transport in this challenging period.

EMT has carried out cleaning and disinfection of the entire fleet of bikes, as well as the vehicles used in redistributing bikes. After gathering the fleet of more than 3,000 bicycles, disinfectant was carried out with a disinfectant solution of bactericide, fungicide and virucide, laboratory-tested against the coronavirus.

The system will be operational again for all regular users, as well as for those who decide to register at this time. All stations will reopen 24 hours a day, normal service hours.

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