London launches new measures to reduce spread of virus

London launches new measures to reduce spread of virus

London has announced new measures to adapt its transport system in response to the ever-changing conditions of COVID-19.

In recent weeks the British capital has been formulating new plans to respond to the virus outbreak and adapt its transport system to better stop the spread of the virus and protect transport workers.

Plans were announced last week to install air filters on 100 buses across the capital to protect customers and staff. These filters will initially be installed on buses to and from hospitals, but may be rolled out to the wider network.

This comes as concerns have been raised about the risk to public transport workers, with bus drivers being at high risk of exposure to the virus.

In recent weeks it has also been reported that London is planning to re-allocate road space to provide more space for walking and cycling across the city. Local councils have already been pursuing this approach, but the city may soon see wider efforts implemented to reallocate space for travel on foot and by bike.

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