Ile-de-France plans post-confinement mobility changes

Ile-de-France plans post-confinement mobility changes

Ile-de-France Mobilités has announced plans to adapt the region's transport system in preparation for the lifting of confinement measures.

The post-confinement plan is underpinned by several key principles which to ensure the safety of citizens, including:
  • All companies and administrations should ensure as many employees as possible continue to work from home in telecommuting, to ensure that those who must still travel can do so safely
  • Ile-de-France Mobilités asks the State to required all public transport travelers to wear face masks, to be enforce by the police
  • Île-de-France Mobilités asks operators to implement adjust transport offering as quickly as possible from May 11 to allow social distancing to be respected as much as possible
  • Operators should implement a reinforced cleaning and disinfection plan for rolling stock (trains and buses) but also public spaces in train and metro stations

Short term measures to promote alternative mobility

1. Cycling is encouraged in addition to the various concrete measures already in place
- Assistance of 500 euros for an electrically-assisted bike
- 5000 additional Véligo rental bikes and 500 Véligo Cargos with electric assistance
- Free bike parks in Île-de-France Véligo mobility for Navigo Annual subscribers
- Île-de-France has also committed to finance 60% of the RER cycle project and intends to launch, with road managers, the creation of temporary cycle paths to secure routes.
2. Carpooling, provided that it allows respect for distancing.

Île-de-France Mobilités offers Ile-de-France motorists the possibility of car-sharing if social distancing can be maintained.
For drivers:
- Download and register through one of the five carpooling platform partners to offer to share your vehicle.
- Each trip is remunerated advantageously thanks to a special subsidy granted for each trip from 4 euros.
For passengers:
- From the Vianavigo app or the Vianavigo website, you will find the list of carpooling routes corresponding to your needs
- The result specifies the carpool operator, the pick-up location, departure times and journey time
- Once the choice has been made, Vianavigo redirects you to the site of the partner concerned, who finalizes the reservation and puts you in touch with the driver
Partner carpooling platforms: BlaBlaLines, Covoit'ici, Karos, Klaxit, Ouihop
You can find out more here (in French).
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