France announces €20 million to get people cycling

France announces €20 million to get people cycling

The French government has announced plans to support and encourage cycling as lockdown measures are eased across the country.

With public transport limited, many cities are concerned about a large-scale shift to car use once lockdown measures are eased. As such, many cities are looking to walking and cycling to avoid the negative impacts of increased car use in urban areas.

Now a new €20 million fund in France will aim to support citizens in cycling as a main mode of travel when lockdown measures are eased. The fund will assist citizens with bike repairs, the creation of bike parking spaces and bike training. The plan, implemented in partnership with the Federation of Bicycle Users (FUB), will include a €50 fund for bike repair from a recognised repair shop listed on the FUB website and a dedicated platform.

As cities and towns across France seek to make walking and cycling easier and safer during COVID-19, the French government is also offering technical support to help make the process of prioritising active modes of travel easier for municipalities.

You can find out more about these measures in this article from Le Monde.