Forbes: Is the coronavirus the transport industry’s opportunity?

Forbes: Is the coronavirus the transport industry's opportunity?

Across the world, transport systems are undergoing major shifts as cities, regions, countries and continents attempt to deal with the ever-changing COVID-19 outbreak.

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 is causing major challenges for transport. From massively reduced public transport demand, to ensuring clean and hygienic shared transport, to grounding flights across the world, challenges are occurring at the local and global level.

Despite the major challenges, this disruption to global transport systems could be the opportunity to re-think and re-shape urban transport. Wider bike lanes, subsidised and supported public transport, and new partnerships between private and public actors have all rapidly sprung out of the coronavirus crisis in the last couple of weeks alone.

In this article from Forbes, the challenges and potential opportunities of the COVID-19 crisis for mobility are explored.

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