ecommerceDB: Consumers shift to online shopping

ecommerceDB: Consumers shift to online shopping

Experts around the world and across all sectors agree that the COVID-19 pandemic will have substantial impact on all economies and industries, offline and online. While stationary retail suffers from lockdowns, online retail faces delivery problems and reduced purchasing power. Analysts hold back with definite statements and forecasts on industry KPIs and company figures, with infections still rising, new hotspots emerging every day and no all-clear signals in sight.

In order to find out how consumers behave during the corona crisis, Statista has started to conduct daily surveys on how people feel about the pandemic, how it influences their daily lives and how they have changed the way the shop and spend. One part of the COVID-19 Barometer deals with the question whether people prefer to buy certain products online rather than in store, now that governments are recommending or ordering people to stay at home.

This article shows how people across the USA, UK, China and Germany are changing shopping habits in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. To view the article, see here.

Image: City of Gothenburg