COVID-19 Shared Mobility Action Plan

COVID-19 Shared Mobility Action Plan

The Shared Mobility sector has been hit hard by COVID-19, with many operators limiting services to reduce the spread of the virus. For operators who are continuing to provide services, many people are travelling less and those that continue to travel are often wary of using shared vehicles, which could be harbingers for transmission.

A huge challenge therefore exists to keep private service operators running in this sector, to meet shifting demands and to help those in need during this crisis.

In this article from the Urban Mobility Company, Shared Mobility Expert Augustin Friedel writes about the various actions taken by shared mobility actors around the world. The article focuses on three categories of measures:

1.  Daily Operations
2 Adjustments to Increased Usage/Addressing New User Groups
3.  Help for Front Line Heroes/High Risk Groups

An extensive table is also provided to map out the responses in different countries and by different operators.