COVID-19: Impact on shared mobility

COVID-19: Impact on shared mobility

In these unprecedented and very confusing times, it is safe to say that the COVID-19 virus has had an impact on every aspect of our daily lives, including the transportation services that we regularly use.

Most operators have experienced free-fall declines in bookings and journeys because of people staying and working from home. This is also the first time that a virus of this kind has managed to unearth the epidemiological aspect of shared mobility, on a global scale. With social and physical distancing measures in place in many countries, ridehailing, public transit and carpooling services have had to re-evaluate how to safely transport passengers in services where people not only use a shared vehicle consecutively but simultaneously with strangers.

Never before, have personal transportation offers, whether they’re airlines, shared mobility operators or transit authorities, had to adapt their core services in such a fast time frame. The resulting pressure to reduce service or even shut down operations altogether has thrown the service and entire transportation networks into an unknown territory.

This article from Movmi discusses:

  • The Covid-19 impact on different mobility services
  • The big question: is shared mobility an essential or non-essential service?
  • Operational solutions to help you weather the storm
  • Resources that provide up-to-date information and guidance throughout this trying time

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