CASMOB – Italy

CASMOB - Italy


CASMOB is a web platform and mobile app that provides customised tourist itineraries, coupling Cultural Points of Interest (CuPOIs) and Commercial Points of Interest (CoPOIs). Itineraries are based on user’s preferences and real-time mobility data provided by municipalities. Its purpose is to avoid traffic jams and queues in city centres while promoting the development of peripherals zones where CuPOIs and CoPOIs are located. By using FIWARE technologies, CASMOB is able to dynamically build customised itineraries handling a large volume of data in a responsive way. CASMOB is aimed at tourists or citizens, commercial and cultural activities. The latter can promote their activities through coupons and special offers.


Alma Digit offers consulting services to companies in order to develop highly innovative solutions in ICT. Alma Digit provides design and implementation of scalable Cloud-based products tailored to the specific customer needs. The solutions will provide efficient tools for storing, processing and analysing data, using on-site or public systems and considering the ease of use of developed systems as being of prime importance.


Massimo Villari, Scientific Director
Antonio Celesti, Project Manager
Agata Romano, CEO
Maria Fazio, Software Architect
Alessio Salzano, Commercial Director
Giovanni Parrino, Software Developer
Silvio Trotta, Senior Developer
Alberta Giannetto, Commercial & Communication Support