Bulletin: Belgium needs ‘decisive measures’ to make cities more liveable post-coronavirus

Bulletin: Belgium needs 'decisive measures' to make cities more liveable post-coronavirus

Thousands of premature deaths from air pollution could be avoided if Belgium gives proper thought to the post-coronavirus future of its towns and cities, experts have said in an open letter jointly published today by The Bulletin, Le Soir and De Standaard.

The letter is addressed to the national security council and the expert committee advising on Belgium's "exit strategy" and is signed by almost 100 doctors, scientists, academics, environmental campaigners and town planners.

It warns against a "reckless restart" of our old, polluting ways - and argues that Belgium's exit from the coronavirus shutdown cannot be planned without studying the long-term impact on public space and how we get around.

When prime minister Sophie Wilmès announced the phased plan at the end of April to reopen shops, businesses and schools, she encouraged people to avoid taking public transport.

This article from Bulletin sets out a joint letter from The Bulletin, Le Soir and De Standaard on the future of mobility in Brussels. See here.