Bolt launches new measures to keep customers safe during COVID-19

Bolt launches new measures to keep customers safe during COVID-19

New Mobility Service (NMS) operators are having to adapt their practices to keep customers and staff safe during the unpredictable and challenging situation arising from COVID-19.

Now Bolt, the transport platform company, has announced a series of measures to provide safe and hygienic travel whilst keeping cities moving.

An innovative measure was recently launched in Bolt's French operations, with the 'Bolt Protect' service now in operation to provide safer and easier travel for customers. Bolt Protect will give people the option in the app to access  vehicles which have physical protection measures installed between the front and rear seats of the vehicle. This protection will help to limit contact between the driver and passengers, in doing so helping to reduce the risk of contamination for both parties.

As well as this, Bolt is carrying out daily disinfection of e-scooters, paying special attention to the most touched areas (e.g. handlebars). Bolt is however advising all scooter users to carry their own disinfectant spray or wipes and use them before and after the ride, and, if possible, wear gloves while riding.

Bolt is also now engaging with hospitals to provide free scooter use for health workers in several countries to help people get where they need to be safely.