Automated equals good… doesn’t it?

Automated equals good... doesn’t it?

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In 2014 and with an update in 2018, SAE International (the automotive standardization body) developed a harmonized classification system known as J2016: Taxonomy and Definitions for Terms Related to On-Road Motor Vehicle Automated Driving Systems. Within this frame, Sae outlined six levels of driving automaton from 'no automation' to 'full automation'. According to J3016, driverless automated cars are defined as Level 5 cars, which is the top level in the SAE automated scale. On all roadways and under all environmental conditions, the performance of these automated driving system does not require human intervention whatsoever. As of Level 4 cars, no driver attention is required, and self-driving is supported in limited areas or under special circumstances.

"A critical question is whether automated vehicles will increase or reduce total vehicle travel and associated external costs"