ACOUSTICITY.IO – Switzerland

ACOUSTICITY.IO - Switzerland

THE SOLUTION’s suite of analytics tools and open data platform offers cities a noise monitoring solution that enables them to quickly diagnose noise pollution problem areas and validate successful traffic noise reduction improvements much more cost-effectively than investment intensive microphonebased solutions and much more accurately than existing solutions using historical data sets generated from brief human-based traffic surveys. Since many cities already have made large investments in traffic sensor networks, enables cities to leverage this previous investment for a dual purpose – cost-effectively creating noise maps based on highly reputable traffic-to-noisepollution models.


inNET is the leading provider of next generation environmental monitoring solutions in Switzerland, combining the latest innovations in IoT technology, with a deep expertise of environmental science. InNET has more than 15 years experience in the different fields such as air quality monitoring, water, soil, weather and natural hazards measurements as well as traffic and noise observations.


Mario Betschart, Head of Business Development
Christian Ruckstuhl, CEO
Maurus Frey, Chief Solution Architect
Michael Blättler, Full Stack Developer