BYPAD (Bicycle policy audit) was an independent assessment tool by experts of cycling in cities and regions.

BYPAD assessed the quality of a cycling development policy based on a strength and weakness approach. It brings together politicians, planners and users – cyclists - to jointly define the state of play of their city’s cycling situation. Towns, cities and regions received concrete advice on how to improve their cycling policies. The two main outputs were detailed knowledge on the state of play of cycling as well as an action plan dedicated to improving cycling policies.

Specifically interesting reading is provided by the brochure “BYPAD Cycling – the European approach” describing the audit process and choice of the methodology used as well as reviewing BYPAD achievements and lessons learnt from the year 2008. A documentation on bicycle use and influencing factors as well as a choice of portraits if BYPAD cities is annexed to the brochure.

The project ran from from January 2003 to December 2004, funded under the European 5th RTF Framework Programme.

For more information about the project, please visit BYPAD's TRIMIS page or Commission page