Workshop "Urban Agenda for the EU: how to move forward"

The aim of the meeting is to get informed about the Urban Agenda, the Pact of Amsterdam and the international partnerships, as well as to discuss the possibilities for active participation in one or more partnerships (particulary circular economy, urban mobility and climate adaptation). There will be a specific roundtable on the future Urban Mobility Partnership, where common challenges and solutions in terms of European policy, funding and knowledge will be explored.

The audience targeted are European participants in the Urban Agenda (city representatives, city networks, urban envoy) and those exploring a potential role in it, including delegations from Karlsruhe, Malmö, Utrecht, Eurocities, Polis, Arnhem Nijmegen City, CleanTech Region and the province of Gelderland.


The program can be found here.


To register, please send an email to Arnout Smit.


Bureau Brussel Arnhem Nijmegen City Region, avenue Palmerston 3, 1000 Brussels.

Date and time

Tuesday 11 October from 14.30 to 17.00.