Workshop on pedestrian detection & warning services

The VRUITS project has explored the potential of C-ITS/Cooperative systems to improve the safety of vulunerable road users (cyclists and pedestrians).

The two Spanish test sites (Valladolid and Alcalá de Henares) have piloted C-ITS applications for pedestrians whereas the Dutch city of Helmond has demonstrated a cyclist application.

The Spanish test sites will be the focus of the Spanish workshop on 23 September.

- The Alcalá de Henares pilot involves a bluetooth-activated demand for green light for pedestrian crossing, which offers extended time for disabled people. Technically, it works as follows: a camera at the crossing detects the pedestrian and warns the car driver about presence of pedestrians crossing around the corner (right turn). The focus of this pilot therefore is on preventing collisions between right-turning cars (with low/no visibility) & pedestrians.

- In Valladolid, pedestrians are detected by camera and the crossing time is adapted to the number of people waiting to cross. There is also a Light Demand (illumination system), which lights up the crossing and its surroundings, warning vehicles about the presence of pedestrians.

The workshop will offer ES-EN translation. For further information and to register, click here.