VRUITS Second Interest Group Workshop

The VRUITS project, project, which is sponsored by the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme, aims at providing recommendations regarding ITS applications for the improvement of the safety and mobility for Vulnerable Road Users (pedestrians, cyclists, PTWs, special user groups, elder drivers). VRUITS will assess the societal impact of selected ITS applications and provide recommendations for policy and industry regarding ITS in order to improve the safety and mobility of VRUs.

The project has identified a set of applications which have a high potential benefit on improving safety and mobility of VRUs, and performed a first qualitative assessment on the safety and mobility impact of the services. The ITS applications identified are:

Blind Spot Detection Automatic Counting of Bicycles
Intelligent Pedestrians Traffic Signal Night Vision and Warning
Intelligent Speed Adaptation Information on Vacancy on Bicycle Racks
Red Light Camera/Average Speed Camera Bicycle to Car Communication
Intersection Safety Rider Monitoring System
Pedestrian Detection System + Emergency Braking Crossing Adaptive Lighting
Trip Planning and Navigation for VRUs Infotainment
PTW Oncoming Vehicle Information System Real-time Information System for Public Transport
VRU Beacon System Road Weather Warning for Pedestrians
Cyclist digital Rear-view Mirror Forward Obstacle Detection for Cyclists
Roadside Pedestrian Presence Green Wave for Cyclists
Urban Sensing System


During the workshop, the VRUITS project will discuss the results of the qualitative assessment, and of the implementation scenarios. The planned outcome of the workshop is the selection of a set of the most promising applications, for which a quantitative assessment will be performed in the second half of 2014.

During the workshop, participants will gain a better knowledge on the possible impacts of ITS applications of VRUs, and on the applications which have the most potential to improve VRU's safety and mobility.

The workshop takes place at Ravintola Limone, Ratamestarinkatu 11, which is located at 200m from the Helsinki Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The planned outcome of the workshop is a list of ITS applications, which will be assessed in more detail during the project lifetime.

A limited budget is available to cover the travel cost of participants to the workshop from stakeholders including local authorities. For further information, please contact Sylvain Haon.

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