Views sought on local and regional authorities adapting to climate change

Today more than ever, it is crucial for local and regional authorities (LRAs) to be as ready as possible to face emergencies and how human health, the economy and climate change are closely related.

For this reason, Milieu Consulting is currently carrying out a survey on local and regional adaptation to climate change on behalf of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR). They are seeking views on the topic of Adaptation to climate change, in preparation for the contribution of the CoR to the future EU Adaptation Strategy.

In the framework of a dedicated study, a questionnaire has been created which can be found in all EU languages. Please respond in English or another EU language by 27 April 2020.

Your replies will feed into the CoR study, which will be available on the ENVE commission website and will inform the future CoR opinion on the new Adaptation Strategy. We will be happy to include respondents in a dedicated mailing list for adaptation events and activities, should you wish. A dedicated question is included in the questionnaire for this purpose.

Should you require additional information on the survey please do not hesitate to contact or the CoR ENVE Secretariat

You can find the survey here.