Urban Agenda – Pact of Amsterdam and CoR Conference

On 30th May, the Committee of the Region organised a major event in Amsterdam to feed in the EU urban agenda for smart and innovative, green and inclusive cities as well as functional urban areas.

In details, the EU Urban Agenda includes better policies, territorial impact assessment, more tailor made and place sensitive EU-funds. It also includes opportunities to exchange knowledge and best practices, research and cooperation. The Urban Agenda for the EU shall be taken forward in close partnership among Member States, the European institutions, regional and urban authorities and other stakeholders.

The EU Urban Agenda is now in a state of development: on the same day, the EU ministries for home affairs and/or local authorities met in order to assess the current development within the urban partnerships as well as to discuss the uptake and the way forward for the EU Urban Agenda after the completion of The Netherlands EU Presidency. This constitutes the basis of the Pact of Amsterdam signed the very same day, which contains the Operational Framework of the EU Urban Agenda with key goals on better regulation, better funding and better knowledge exchange.


For more information on the EU Urban Agenda, please visit this website

The full text of the Pact of Amsterdam is available here