Transport for London launches the world’s largest cycling database

London is the first city in the world to collect data on cycling infrastructure on such a large scale.

To create the database, TfL surveyed every street in every London borough to collect data on all 146,000 cycle parking spaces across London, as well as gathering information on 2,000km of cycle lanes, 960 traffic filters and 58,000 wayfinding signs. The database also contains 480,000 photographs of cycling infrastructure, allowing users to see exactly what can be found on street and where.

Data has been added to TfL's Journey Planner which can now show users where they can park their bikes.

The information is also being shared as open data, which could be used by third parties to make journey planning easier and more accurate.

The database will also make it possible for TfL and the boroughs to plan future investment in cycling effectively. The database has already been used to develop TfL's Cycle Parking Implementation Plan, which last month set out how TfL will work with partners across the capital to invest £2.5m in new cycle parking across London, targeting areas of highest demand.

The data from TfL's Cycling Infrastructure Database is available to view and download here -