Transferring knowledge from London to TIDE leading city Milan

Westminster City Council has installed 3.000 bay sensors and launched the Park Right app to quickly guide users to available parking spaces. The City Council plans to install 7.000 more bay sensors and will start trails using Radio Frequency Identification. Transport for London presented their plans for an Ultra-Low Emission Zone in 2020.

Milan chose to visit London as they are currently introducing similar measures in the city. In fact, a headline feature of the recently adopted Milan Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is the introduction of a Low Emission Zone. The LEZ will be complete with electronic gates able to monitor compliance with rules adopted by the Lombardy Region.

Milan would also like to introduce an innovative scheme in which every public parking lot is equipped with parking bay sensors which are able to control and apply sanctions for infringements (in line with parking regulations). A major problem for parking management in Milan is the low proportion of users paying for parking as there are shortage of staff for enforcement.

This exchange was supported by the TIDE project and an action plan will be produced with specific activities related to the implementation of the measures in Milan.

Watch the Westminster smart parking video: