Training: Influencing behaviour through gamification

Gamification is the adoption of elements and principles of game-design in other contexts. Its use is growing rapidly, and has been used already in areas such as education, health, politics and the environment, often as a mechanism to change ingrained behaviours or habits.

CIVITAS will present the basics of gamification and illustrate them with reference to the From5To4 (F5T4) game from the Netherlands at a training on 18 February.

The game encourages commuters to travel to work more smartly, such as on foot or by bicycle or public transport, while in friendly competition with their colleagues.

The game's website also gives users information about how much energy they have saved, and the calories they've burned as well as the opportunity to win prizes.

The event is being held in conjunction with the final conference for the EU-funded STARS, PTP-Cycle and MOBI projects, and will take place at BIP in Brussels (Belgium).


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