Towards interoperable traffic systems in Europe

The workshops will take place in the second half of 2014 in Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany and the UK and possibly in Norway and Lithuania too. The workshops will show the main findings from the POSSE project, notably the measures that could be taken to move towards OSS locally and/or nationally. These workshops are targeted at all those with a stake in supplying, procuring and operating traffic systems in the respective countries. The workshops are organised by the POSSE Transfer Sites: Burgos, Pisa/La Spezia, CDV, NPRA and Klaipeda.

The final POSSE event will be held in Brussels on 25 November and will mainly target a Brussels-based audience. This event will focus on the findings and recommendations of POSSE in terms of the European policy agenda.

For more information about POSSE, contact Suzanne Hoadley or Daniela Stoycheva or visit the POSSE website.