Toulouse gears up for the future of transport by joining Urban Air Mobility initiative

Toulouse will test the use of drones as a tool to deliver specific goods and services in the city. Toulouse’s participation in this European initiative is in line with the “Mobility Project 2020.2025.2030”, the city’s main strategic document on mobility developed by Polis member Tisséo-Collectivités that foresees an investment of 3,8 billion euro. Following a step-by-step approach, and with the view to favour a sustainable integration of air mobility in the area, Toulouse has defined the following priorities:

  • Remote sensing: using drones as a tool for environmental solutions and urban services (traffic management, air quality, monitoring of infrastructures)
  • Emergency services and intervention (in the fields of healthcare and security)
  • Urban logistics: experimenting the use of drones for the last-mile delivery of specific goods or services

Toulouse will study the feasibility of such solutions in close cooperation with institutional partners such as the French Directorate General for Civil Aviation, EUROCONTROL and the European Agency for Air Security. Many other partners are going to support Toulouse throughout this process: public authorities, industry stakeholders, start-ups, research laboratories, and more.


Supported by the European Commission, the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Initiative aims to contribute to the creation of a market for urban air mobility that brings together cities and regions with companies, allows innovative urban mobility solutions to be showcased, and supports, where possible their replication at scale. For more information, please click here.