Tools to support the prediction and assessment of the wider policy impacts of traffic management measures and ITS

It was against this backdrop that the FP7 project CONDUITS developed a set of key performance indicators for traffic management and ITS, with the input of more than 30 cities from across Europe and beyond. Building on the KPI framework, a decision support tool has been developed, which predicts the impacts of planned measures in terms of pollution reduction, reliability, mobility and possibly road safety at a later stage.

The KPIs and prediction tool have been tested in various cities including Brussels, Paris, Rome, Stuttgart, Munich and Tel Aviv. Stuttgart, for instance, is using the prediction tool to gain an indication of the likely pollution impact of new measures to reduce stop and go, which are being implemented within their new CIVITAS project. Brussels has tested the tool to predict the pollution impact of a new bus priority route. These tools are completely free of charge.

If you would like to know more about the tools:

-          Visit the CONDUITS webpage

-          Download the CONDUITS leaflet in Français, Deutsch or English

-          Or contact Suzanne Hoadley