Three Belgian Regions start kilometer charge test project

Polis members Brussels and Flanders are involved, as well as the Walloon Region. The tests are set in the framework of an interregional agreement with regards to transport taxation. In the same framework, the regions will endeavour in a kilometer charge for trucks. This measure is under implementation. The kilometer charge for private cars is not decided, but subject to research.

The test will be run with 1200 participants from different social-economic stratae within the GEN area. Its goal is to asses the behavioral change that would be induced by the charge. The test will investigate the impact on mobility, choice of routes, choice of modes etc. It will also look into the question what the link is between availability of options and modal choice. Also the effect of socio-economic parameters (income etc.) will be an element in the study.

A private partner will be running the project. Final results are expected first half of 2014.

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