The fifth issue of the CityMobil2 newsletter is out

Spring and summer 2015 have been an exciting time for the CityMobil2 project. The first two large demonstrations, in the city-centre of La Rochelle (France) and on a university campus in West Lausanne (Switzerland), have been successfully completed and initial conclusions can already be drawn.

Additionally, a small-scale demonstration took place in Vantaa (Finland) over the summer whereby automated vehicles transported passengers from the railway station to a major housing fair. The demonstration was a large success with more than 19,000 passengers in a month.

And there is more to come in the near future with the next large-scale demonstration on the streets of Trikala (Greece) starting this autumn and the showcase at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux (France) on 5-9 October.

In parallel to these activities across Europe, CityMobil2 partners are still investigating related fields; in the new issue of the newsletter, you will read about the first results of the study on socio-economic impacts of automated mobility as well as an update on road user interaction and legal aspects. The new CityMobil2 associate partner, the insurance group Zurich which has been included in the consortium will help in having a better understanding of these topics.

Finally, at the international level, CityMobil2 remains a European reference. CityMobil2 project partners hosted the Trilateral Automation Working Group (EU, US and Japan) meeting in La Rochelle last March and took part in an EU-US symposium on road vehicle automation in Washington DC in April, coorganised by the European Commission and the US DoT.