SWITCH factsheets are online

Thanks to up-to-date facts and figures about  Walking, Cycling and Health, the three non-campaign factsheets give an excellent understanding of the benefits of active mobility on health and various other topics. Drafted by technical partners (Walk 21, the European Cyclists' Federation and the National Institute for Public Health), these documents intend to give support to implementation cities and follower cities in delivering convincing messages to SWITCHers.

To convince people to SWITCH from cars to walking and cycling, cities have now all the arguments and can explain why active travel promote and maintain health; to which extent cycling is fast; and how walking connects people with their communities.

Download the factsheets:


SWITCH uses information and communication technologies (ICT), and personalised travel planning advice supported by strong health arguments to encourage people in a period of life change to switch from short car journeys to more walking and cycling. SWITCH supports cities in developing and implementing local campaigns to reduce motorised traffic and CO2 levels. SWITCH is a European-funded project running until May 2016 involving five cities supported by health and transport experts to develop and implement targeted campaigns promoting travel behaviour change.