Join SuSMo Workshops! Shared mobility in cities

The SuSMo project works with European city partners to improve the way shared mobility services are being implemented. The ultimate goal is to provide policy and decision makers with handy tools that will help them plan the decarbonised shared mobility systems of the future.

In November 25 and 26, SuSMo will organize an online workshop dedicated to leading European cities, private mobility actors, local stakeholders and key experts in the shared mobility field.

The focus of the workshop will be to present in a nutshell style sessions of 1 hour and 20 minutes each the main findings on the project topics (see below). The sessions will comprise presentations and interactive discussions between the participants for peer review of the findings. The result of the workshop will be the production of ready-to-apply tools with potential for wide-scale application in cities to support the transition towards shared mobility systems implementation.

Below you can find the list of topics that will be addressed and the registration links for the sessions:

  • Where is the policy and regulation on shared mobility going in Europe? Wed 25th November 10 am Register here.
  • How can private sector engagement be improved? Wed 25th November 1 pm CET. Register here.
  • How can municipalities influence behavioral change through cooperation with real estate investors? Thu 26th November 10 am CET. Register here.
  • What are the trends in regulation for procurement of shared mobility services? Thu 26th November 1 pm CET Register here.
  • How to evaluate the impact of shared mobility? Thu 26th November 2.30 pm CET Register here.

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