Survey on the impact of Covid-19 on policy making, planning priorities and actions

The HARMONY project is looking for local authorities to complete their survey on the impact of Covid-19 on planning processes. The HARMONY project envisages developing a new generation of harmonised spatial and multimodal transport planning tools aiming at enabling metropolitan area authorities to lead the transition to a low carbon new mobility era in a sustainable manner. With the Covid-19 outbreak, a need has emerged to explore changes in policy making and urban-transport planning priorities. The survey aims to capture those changes in planning objectives and explore which actions and tools are adopted to implement prioritised or new policy objectives. In particular, this survey aims at investigating stakeholders' views about:

1.    Potential changes in urban and transport planning priorities due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

2.    The actions used to implement the prioritised or new planning objectives.

3.    The planning tools or processes that are in place.

You can fill in the survey here.