SUMP Kits from the CH4LLENGE project are there

The CH4LLENGE project (2013-2016) is soon coming to an end and its main output – the SUMP Kits is already there. Nine European cities and eight supporting organisations were part of the consortium working over three years for overcoming the four most pressing challenges in sustainable urban mobility planning:

Based on the lessons learned from the pilot schemes in the 9 participating project cities, on the experience from the 26 Follower Cities and on the results from the training activities, four CH4LLENGE Kits have been developed as the main outputs of the project. Each kit addresses one challenge and consists of a comprehensive manual, a quick-fact brochure and the relevant e-learning modules. The kits are available in English, Czech, Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Polish and Romanian. Both cities with a lot of experience with integrated planning approaches and cities initiating the SUMP process will benefit from the results of CH4LLENGE.

The Quick fact brochures and the SUMP Manuals are available for download on the CH4LLENGE website. Polis is the main author of the Institutional Cooperation Manual. Polis member Dresden has contributed substantially to the Monitoring and Evaluation and Participation Manuals. Polis members Ghent and BKK are also part of the CH4LLENGE consortium and have played an active role in the project.