Successful final conference in Donostia/San Sebastian for CityMobil2

The CityMobil2 final conference was organised in the technological park of Donostia/San Sebastian, where the final CityMobil2 conference took place.

On the first day of the event, participants were welcomed by Estibaliz Hernaez, (Basque Government), Patrick Mercier-Handisyde (Project Officer, European Commission) and Adriano Alessandrini (Project Coordinator, University of Florence). They later learned more about the large-scale (La Rochelle, Lausanne and Trikala) and small-scale (Oristano, Vantaa, Sophia-Antipolis and Donostia/San Sebastian) demonstrations which took place over the last three years in Europe as part of the CityMobil2 project. The presentations on local demonstrations were followed by an analysis of the local achievements and reflections on the future deployment of automated vehicles and the certification process.

The second day was dedicated to presentations on the interractions between automated vehicles, their integration in cities in the coming years as well as the implementation process of automated road transport systems in cities. Maria Segui, General Director of Traffic at the Spanish Ministry of Interior delivered an inspiring speech to close the event.

The two days were punctuated with demonstration visits. The participants got the possibility to test one of the two types of vehicles used in the project: the EasyMile EZ10 and the Robosoft Robucity.

The final CityMobil2 Reference Group meeting and a general assembly tool place in Donostia/San Sebastian during the same week.