Stricter air pollution regulation in Paris entered into force this July

Air pollution is a major public health concern for new elected Mayor of Paris, Mrs Anne Hidalgo. Fighting air pollution from car emissions has therefore become a top priority for the city of Paris, also in view of the upcoming COP21 global conference on climate that will be hosted by the French capital this December.

The plan entered into force this July includes a set of concrete measures to help road users shift to less polluting modes of transport. These are maily incentives, such as reduced public transport, car sharing and bike sharing subscriptions, but also subsides to buy a bicycle or pedelec.

Interestingly enough, the plan also offers subsides to build covered and protected bicycle parkings, and charging points in appartment buildings.

Moreover, the plan introduces a stricter regulation on traffic by creating a low emission zone. The city is looking to ban the most heavy-polluting vehicles in the long term with the aim to create a larger LEZ extended to the Grand Paris area between 2017 and 2020.

For more information, please visit the city of Paris website (French only).