Smartfusion released a Special Report Newcastle

This is the first special newsletter highlighting one of the three city-regions in the project: The city of Newcastle upon Tyne and Wear region within which it sits.

The special newsletter includes the following articles:

  • Introduction to Newcastle
  • State-of-the-art and updates from Newcastle
  • The Design and Monitoring Framework methodology
  • The Smartfusion enhanced transfer programme kick-off meeting in Milan

To download the Special Report Newcastle, please click here.

About Smartfusion

Smartfusion a public-private partnership (PPP) is an European funded project launched in April 2012 under the 7th Framework Programme.

Smartfusion aims to rationalise urban goods distribution services, with a view to reducing pollution and traffic and will demonstrate in three city-regions: Newcastle, Berlin and the Lombardy region.

For more information on Smartfusion, please visit the project website.