Smart Urban Freight Designer - Online!

The Smart Urban Freight Designer is a professional planning tool used to calculate and optimise inter-urban shipment and make comparisons between different scenarios, based on cost efficiency.

The in-built objectives modelled by the tool can be varied according to the target audience. E.g.:

  • optimising transport costs per km and per hour;
  • reaching a certain service level;
  • reducing air emissions;
  • reducing noise;
  • increasing safety.

Such tools can be very complex and often require professional training for the user. Especially for SME customers, or city authorities, simplicity of use is crucial.

Smartfusion has geared the solution design towards an easy to use tool, based on a simplified graphical user interface that will work for non-IT experts.

The tool can be used online at

Smartfusion project came to an end in September 2015. For more information on the project, please visit: