Smart solution matchmaking for cities

Is your city looking to engage with SMEs and start-ups in the smart city domain? The frontierCities2 project (Another Level of Impact Accelerator (fC2)), for which Thinking Cities’ publishers H3B Media are the media disseminators, builds on the first edition of the frontierCities Accelerator (2014-2016) that includes 28 SMEs and start-ups developing and trialling 28 smart mobility solutions in 45+ city environments across Europe. The aim of the Accelerator is to increase the take-up of smart city mobility solutions that are Powered by FIWARE.

The “City Needs Mapping” activity conducted in fC2 by means of an on-line survey, has the general objective of highlighting promising areas of cooperation between cities and fC2 grantees, by matching specific cities needs in the Smart City domain with potential suitable solutions provided by products and services.

At the end of the survey, each city answering the questionnaire will receive a ‘map’ of the available innovative market solutions for its Smart City challenges. On the basis of this preliminary indication each city will have the opportunity to identify the most effective solution and eventually to get a better understanding of the range of related benefits on offer.

To take part in the survey and match your city’s needs to solutions, click here.