Smart Logistics Best Practices Conference

The BESTFACT conference focuses on the improvement of the use of existing capacities in the logistics sector. The venue of this important event will be the French Ministry of Finance and Economy in Paris La Défense. The (EU) authorities will use the outcomes for the future Logistics Action Plan and TEN-T policies.

After the EUs introduction, Panteia will give an overview about ongoing TEN-T projects in the field of corridors, their aims and first results. The interaction between Green Logistics and corridor management will be shown in the presentation by VTT from Finland. This will be used as inspiration for future corridor managers. Emerging markets will be in reach for participants that will learn about impacts of the development of east-west-corridors (East West Transport Corridor Association). From an industry perspective, Hewlett-Packard, one of the world largest suppliers of intermodal & logistic tools, will share their experiences on Asia-EU corridors.

Procter & Gamble, in cooperation with Ecole des Mines (EDM), will offer the audience the possibility to share and formulate innovative concepts that may lay the foundation of city logistics in 2030.

For more information please visit the BESTFACT website: