Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform encourages cities to submit Smart Cities and Communities EIP commitments

The EIP’s aim is to bring together both private stakeholders, for instance the industry, and public authorities. It can be an opportunity to showcase ideas, learn from other cities and to see what the industry has to propose.

Furthermore, following an evaluation period, so-called “Action Clusters” will be put in place, building upon the ideas and organisations behind selected Commitments. The idea is to decline in a more operational manner the goals of the EIP in these Action Clusters. The Action Clusters will be focused on implementation as the EIP for Smart Cities and Communities is now taking a step forward towards action. Hence the Action Clusters will be the core of the EIP, being the envisaged market place.

The EIP on Smart Cities and Communities Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) outlines the EIP’s overarching goal: foster "a significant improvement of citizens' quality of life, an increased competitiveness of Europe's industry and innovative SMEs together with a strong contribution to sustainability and the EU's 20/20/20 energy and climate targets”. The SIP outlines three vertical areas and eight horizontal enablers. In turn , eleven concrete action proposals are listed in the SIP.

The Operational Implementation Plan (OIP) offers practical examples illustrating all eleven action proposals. This aims to inspire interested parties responding to the Commission's 2014 Invitation for Commitments, as well as guide further implementation action that the Partnership could launch at a later stage.

As a reminder:

  • The Invitation for Commitments is distinct and independent from Calls under Horizon 2020; it is not a funding instrument and does not give access to funding.
  • The application process is open online and is a simplified process. It is possible to modify any application for commitment up until the deadline.
  • The commitments must be European driven, but partners from third countries can also take part. Members of networks such as the Green Digital Charter, the Covenant of Mayors, the Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform as well as CIVITAS to respond to this invitation are encourage to join.
  • Commitments must be clearly delivery orientated with a deadline for implementation. The timeframe however, is quite flexible, as it falls within the 2020 framework, the indicative timeline is a commitment to deliver by 2020.

Watch the video message from the City of Gothenburg encouraging other cities to take part in a commitment.

To submit a commitment, please click on the following link: About the Partnership - how do I get involved?

For more information, please contact Cleo Davies