Scottish government vows to eliminate car emissions by 2050

The roadmap tilted ‘Switched On Scotland’ outlines the country’s plan to boost the uptake of electric vehicles and develop the charging infrastructure required across the country.

Focusing on the health and climate change benefits of electric vehicles which have no tailpipe emissions, Scotland aims to clean up the air of towns and cities across the country by encouraging businesses and motorists to switch from petrol/diesel vehicles to EVs.

The target to phase out conventionally fuelled vehicles by 2050 is also a key target of the European Commission outlined in the 2011 White Paper for Transport.

Along with the UK government grant of £5,000 for the purchase of a new EV, the Scottish government also provides a 100% grant for a home charging point, however the take up has so far been limited. At present, there are 235 electric vehicles in Scotland (BBC).

However, several Scottish MPs have identified congestion issues that need to be addressed with the improvements of public transport and walking and cycling than the increased use of electric vehicles. Green MSP Alison Johnstone stated "More could be achieved right now by repairing our potholed roads, making streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians, and making public transport accessible for more people." (BBC)

To view the roadmap please click here.