Salzburg University launches survey on cycling data

The promotion of cycling is a fundamental building block for establishing sustainable mobility systems, livable cities and regions. Emerging technologies and a growing need for information have led to an increased demand for cycling data.

In a short online survey, the GI Mobility Lab at the University of Salzburg is investigating how cycling data are currently used and which further potentials can be identified. Experts working in the broader field of cycling mobility, including representatives of local and regional authorities, are invited to participate in this survey. The survey is also available in German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

By participating in this survey, you are helping us gain an overview of the current status as well as identify further opportunities for using cycling data. Participation in this survey takes less than 8 minutes.

The University of Salzburg is planning to publish the data as OpenData in late 2020. The acquired insights will be fully available to the urban transport community.