RE@SIEW conference call for papers - deadline 6 June

Topics on Electromobility include, but are not limited to:

  • Econcomics and markets for electric vehicles
  • Electromobility as strategy element for sustainbale cities
  • Policies, standards, markets and profitability of electric vehicles
  • Implementation: roll-out strategies for electromobility in cities
  • Implementing electromobility: how can companies, cities and research work together?
  • Future development: how can strategic and technological roadmaps for electromobility in cities look like?
  • Financing schemes for electromobility and charging infrastructures in cities
  • Diverse fields of apllication: electrification of public and private fleets in cities
  • Electrified car sharing schemes
  • Electric vehicles and micro smart grids.

Please submit abstracts (up to half a page) to

Deadline for submission of abstracts is 6 June 2014.