Radical Transport Policy Two-Pagers: "We need fare-free buses. It’s time to raise our sights"

Free local bus services could help our towns and cities thrive, and make them more inclusive and liveable. They could be paid for through a public transport payroll levy. Read more, the Two-Pager is available at:

These Radical Transport Policy Two-Pagers aim to open up discussion of transport policy beyond the current narrow terms of debate.

If you would like to receive each Radical Transport Policy Two-Pager, please e-mail Lynn Sloman, Transport for Quality of Life (lynn [AT] as they will gradually be building up an email list of interested policy experts, researchers and campaigners. Alternatively, follow TfQL2Pagers on Twitter

Transport for Quality of Life will be producing a new Radical Transport Policy Two-Pager roughly once a month. The next Two-Pagers will be about radical policy options for road-building and aviation.

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