POSSE user studies published

POSSE is a 3-year Interreg IVC project facilitating knowledge transfer about open specifications and standards, focusing primarily on the two most widely used approaches: UTMC in the United Kingdom and OCIT/OTS in the German speaking part of Europe. One of the main outputs of the POSSE project will be a guide to the implementation of open systems in traffic management and ITS.

A user study has been prepared for each of the respective approaches (UTMC and OCIT/OTS).  Each study gives an overview of the experiences of the users of the open specifications and standards. In the case of UTMC, six local authorities, three companies and 3 national bodies have given their perspective. For OCIT/OTS, six German cities are the subject of a case study.  From the studies, it is clear that both frameworks have delivered on the main objectives of overcoming vendor lock-in for public authorities (ie, the practice of being tied to one particular systems supplier), of bringing costs down (for system procurement and operations) and of easing system integration. In addition, a number of other benefits have been identified by users, notably more efficient traffic operations, simplified procurement, improved customer-supplier relationship and future proofing investments.

The user studies are available for downloading from the POSSE website in the public deliverables section. A summary of the main benefits derived from adopting open specifications and standards in the UK and Germany can be found on the following POSSE webpage.

For more information, please visit the Posse website or contact Suzanne Hoadley or Daniela Stoycheva.