Popular 3rd SUMP Conference in Bremen

The main theme of the conference, ‘Planning the efficient city’, was addressed by around 70 speakers in 16 interactive sessions centred around the four key topics: ‘The big picture’, ‘New horizons’, ‘The integration challenge’ and ‘Planning techniques’. New topics such as planning for more resilient cities, planning for a multicultural society, automated urban road transport or electro-mobility were explored.


Photos: Wolfgang Loock and Eduardo CintaThe 3rd SUMP Conference was organised There are lessons to be learnt from places like Bremen who has one of the lowest congestion rates in Europe and was the winner of the SUMP Award in 2014. At the end of the conference, Senator Dr. Joachim Lohse, City of Bremen, concluded with the following inspiring learning points:


  • …develop the 100% perfect project that cannot possibly be improved by anybody else’s ideas!
  • …tell your council or parliament that, without any alternative, they must give you 50 million Euros to finance it!
  • …engage people, instead of listening to what they want, by rather explaining to them in every detail how brilliant your project is!


  • …look around who your critics are, and if they are relevant, then take them on board and give them a role!
  • …remind everybody of their multiple mobility needs: a car driver is a pedestrian immediately after he leaves his car; he may have children or elderly parents who also want to move around safely; and each person on a bicycle or tram means one car less in front of you in the morning congestion!
  • …agree on overall targets before going into detail – and if your project does not deliver against the requirements, improve it or forget it!

Online consultation on "The Bremen Declaration" on Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning in Europe

The closing plenary panel discussion chaired by Daniela Roșca (European Commission DG MOVE), was followed by the public release of the Bremen Declaration on Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning in Europe. The purpose of the declaration is to place the European sustainable urban mobility planning guidelines firmly in the context of the reality of European cities. Among the key points: “Put people ahead of vehicles!” The declaration will soon be available on Eltis to endorsements and comments, including by those who were not part of the SUMP Conference, for the next four weeks.


The full set of presentations will soon be made available on Eltis.

The conference in pictures:

Visual impressions can be here (photos by Willy Kaemena).

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A truly useful conference is about to close - a New Mobility Culture Era is rising” tweeted Anneli Hulthén, former Mayor of Gothenburg and one of the keynote speakers at the conference. Check out more inspiring conference tweets at #SUMPconference.

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The European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans is the principal annual event for all those involved in turning the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan concept into practice. You can find out more about the past SUMP Conferences in Bucharest (2015) and Sopot (2014) by checking the ELTIS events.

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