Polis welcomes three new members

Reasons for the city and regions to join Polis are diverse. Gert Blom, Strategic Mobility Advisor of Helmond, stresses for example the city's wish to share experiences on ITS deployment: "Through Polis, we are confident to gain access to a strong network to share our experience in ITS with other cities, this way supporting the European wide deployment of ITS-services", he says.

Who are the new members?

  • Helmond is located in the middle of the so-called Brainport region in the Southeast of the Netherlands. Active involvement of the city in testing, showcasing and deploying smart mobility solutions is a key part of the local mobility policy and has been the basis for involvement in several ITS projects, such as SafeSpot/CVIS, FREILOT, Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge and the national SPITS project. Read more.

  • Rogaland County is located on the south-west coast of Norway, with Stavanger as the county capital counting approximately 130,000 inhabitants. Rogaland's responsibilities for regional transport include maintenance and planning of county roads, allocation of resources to local boat and bus routes, permit allocations and licences for taxis and transport for the disabled. Read more.

  • Bretagne Développement Innovation (BDI) coordinates the transport sector strategy for the regional automotive industry. The pilot "Green Vehicle Bretagne" supports the emergence of carbon-free mobility markets.

The new members were approved by Polis' Management Committee last September and are now fully part of the network. "We look forward to meeting our peers from other cities at this year's Annual Polis Conference in November!", highlights Joachim Weisser of Rogaland County Council.

More information

More information on all Polis members can be found on the Polis website:

Local and regional authorities interested to join the Polis network find more details here.

Associate Membership is open to entities which are not eligible for full membership such as associations, research centres and universities with an interest in local and regional transport.