Polis TE&M WG meeting: automation, governance/regulation, data privacy & traffic signal strategies

The meeting agenda will focus on the following topics:

1. Traffic signal strategy/traffic light management, with a focus on how to best balance the demands of the different road users (bus/tram, pedestrians, cyclists and wider traffic).

2. Data privacy, with a focus on the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into force in May 2018. The aim is to build understanding of the impact of this new regulation on existing transport systems, from which personal data can be derived, typically used by road authorities for traffic and demand management purposes, such as ANPR cameras or Bluetooth data.

3. Governance and regulation of the mobility system: the growth in new mobility services (car-sharing, ride-hailing, bike-sharing), new mobility concepts such as MaaS, driver information services and other developments, such as connected/cooperative vehicles, is seeing an increasing role of the private sector in delivering transport services. The words ‘governance’ and ‘regulation’ frequently come up in relation to these developments.

4. Automation: following the interesting automated vehicles session at the last TE&M WG meeting, it was agreed to continue this disucssion.

This is a Polis members meeting only.

Further information here (members login required).