Polis takes part in EU-Singapore workshop on CAVs

Polis provided insights to the preliminary findings of the discussions that Polis members have been having in view of the Polis paper that is under preparation as well as some views on the role of automation in terms of multimodal transport. The main messages from Polis were that we need to look beyond the automation hype, which is causing distraction to the detriment of a pragmatic debate about what can be the consequences of automation for urban and regional mobility and how can cities and regions best interact with these developments.

From the Singapore side, it was surprising to learn that this dense city-state has many similarities with many of the big cities in Europe, notably in terms of the challenges and the way of addressing them, such as how to leverage technology to address societal needs (eg, ageing population), to promote high quality public transport and shared transport and their seamless integration. The country has set up an automated vehicles consortium and is embarking on several automated vehicle trials, including several offering collective transport services. The city is also running various trials of C-ITS, including junction safety trials with buses.

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