Polis speaking on the fifth European Road Safety Day

“Pedestrian safety: Vulnerable road users in urban areas” was the main theme for the fifth European Road Safety Day organised by the EC. Polis Executive Director Sylvain Haon was invited to speak in the session about the next phase of development for vulnerable road users: What’s new in technology, testing and transport-related research?

Design of new systems will lead to increased safety for vulnerable users and will also facilitate a more efficient enforcement of traffic regulations. However, Technology is only providing support, individuals remain at the centre of the transport system and the main factor for a safer road system.

As a concrete example within the field of new technology and road safety for vulnerable road users, Polis is a partner in the vruits project. Polis is acting as a link between the project and the cities, which are major end-users of ITS applications. The project will assist the cities in making decisions on future investments in ITS applications, and provide recommendations on how to gain the most benefit from the ITS applications.

See the slides from the presentation by Sylvain Haon here.